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Bars & Nightlife

Bars & Nightlife auf Tobago

There are probably only few guests, who start a journey to Tobago because of the night life. The relaxation of the island goes so far that many tourists and locals go to bed at 22:30 o’clock.

A proverb says “Rise with the sun and go to bed with the sun”. For many locals, the day ends only a few hours after sunset, especially in rural areas. It should be remembered that many start work well before sunrise and are finished before tourists start breakfast.

But that doesn’t mean that Tobagonians don’t know how to party and have fun. As the home of Calypso and Soca, they are the inventors of the word “fun”. To convince yourself, you should go to the Sunday School in Buccoo at a late hour and experience the party with dancing, rum punch and beer.

Many hotels offer an entertainment programme during the high season from December to May. The performances are largely related to the culture and history of the island. Even though the quality is usually quite high, there is one important component missing from a visit to Tobago – the direct contact between artist and visitor. This experience is reserved for the small local pubs and bistros. Even if many of these meeting places close during the week from about 23 o’clock, a visit is always worthwhile.

Nightlife on Tobago

For guests who do not want to do without a more intensive evening programme, a visit to the following facilities may be of interest

Azucar Restaurant & Bar, Mount Pleasant

Since 2012, tapas and selected local dishes have been offered in this restaurant with bar. Every night from 9:00 p.m. on there’s dancing to salsa.

Bar Code, Scarborough

Located on Milford Road, close to Scarborough Harbour, this lively sports bar invites you to watch various international sporting events on a screen. Three pool tables offer variety to spend a good time in this mainly local frequented bar. Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 17h to approx. 2h.

Green Lime, Canaan

Especially on Friday and Saturday evenings, this small outdoor and dance bar on Milford Road attracts many locals.

Jade Monkey, Bon Accord

Since 2009 the Fortune Plaza in Bon Accord has been home to the Jade Monkey, a gaming salon with various slot machines.

Royalton Casino, Crown Point

In the Crown Point Beach Hotel in Crown Point lies the quite new offer in the nightlife of Tobago. In addition to a driving service, Roulette, Black Jack, Baccarat and slot machines are offered.

The Shade , Bon Accord

The Shade in Bon Accord is a lively bar or restaurant. It has the dubious reputation of being the leading restaurant for those who don’t want to spend the night alone at short notice – especially on Friday nights. Visitors are therefore advised only to be accompanied by a local and not to stay into the night hours.

Revs, Buccoo

The Revs is located on Shirvan Road towards Milford Road and can be reached on foot from Buccoo in a few minutes. The Steakhouse with beer garden and bar is especially popular with friends of fast or flashy cars. Accordingly, the furnishing is subject to the motto “motor sport” – for example, the seating areas bear the names of famous racing drivers. Especially on Fridays and Sundays the outdoor area is very well frequented – often a DJ provides additional atmosphere. The service is attentive and friendly, the prices are fair. A large selection of cocktails and long drinks also invites to longer nights.

Sunday School, Buccoo

The Sunday School is a noisy and vibrant street festival where the Tobagonians’ togetherness is impressively summed up. Every Sunday the party starts at 8pm. To live music from the Buccooneers Steel Pan Orchestra, visitors can help themselves at the numerous food and drink stands. The party really gets going around 11 pm when the music sounds loud on the large dance floor right next to the beach. Caribbean Dancehall, Soca, R&B and Hip Hop is a fun celebration and dancing or simply watching the hustle and bustle. Due to the crowd, it is advisable to arrange a meeting point with a driver in advance. Due to the large selection of rum punch and ice-cold Carib beer, it is advisable to organise a taxi or clarify the driver’s question in advance. It is advisable to only take some cash with you to buy cheap drinks or food – jewellery, cameras and other valuables should be avoided. As with any large crowd, the Sunday School is a popular place for pickpockets. Basically, however, it is a very peaceful event, where the focus is on togetherness. Young men in particular take the evening as an opportunity to sound out their chances with the female sex. It is not unusual for ladies to be addressed in male company or invited to dance. But this is no cause for concern – a polite “no” is usually smiled at and honoured with a final dance.


Sunset Palm, Buccoo Junction

A private club offering blackjack, poker, roulette and slot machines, located in Buccoo Junction between Buccoo and Mt Irvine.

One last word

The Tobagonians concentrate their energy on a few events a year. Of course, the celebration year starts with carnival. The “Great Fete” weekend follows in mid-August as a melting pot of culture, music and energy – which means celebrating until the batteries are empty. Other events include the Powerboat race at the end of August and the Angostura sailing week in May.


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